5 Reasons to Make South Florida Your Home

5 Reasons to Make South Florida Your Home

5 Reasons to Make South Florida Your Home

It’s no secret that we love everything about South Florida. After all, Bella Homes are designed to embrace Florida’s seaside atmosphere, and we almost exclusively build in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Ocean Ridge!


If you’re looking to relocate in 2021, there are countless reasons why you should consider South Florida as your new dream home destination. From its year-round sunny weather to the equally warm nature of its residents, South Florida is sure to check all the boxes for you and your family.


1. Beautiful Weather

Of course, there’s no denying the incredible sunny weather that South Florida has to offer. Temperatures rarely drop below 65°F and the sun shines on most days of the year in Florida – which can actually make you happier! Studies show that exposure to sunlight increases serotonin, a hormone known to boost your mood, so all that Florida sunshine can have some health benefits, too.


2. No State Income Tax

A huge benefit to living in Florida is the lack of state income, death, and estate taxes. Plus, Florida’s homestead exemption is the perfect reason to make Florida your primary residence. This exemption can reduce the taxable value of your home by as much as $50,000!


3. Best of Both Worlds

In South Florida, you have the luxury of living in a secluded, peaceful community that’s right around the corner from an exciting downtown atmosphere. Not only are there tons of options for nightlife, restaurants, and entertainment in popular locations like Atlantic Ave in Downtown Delray Beach, but just blocks away, you’ll find residential communities that offer some peace and quiet. You truly get the best of both worlds in South Florida!


4. Embracing Nature and the Outdoors

What many people love about South Florida is the opportunity to spend time outdoors, from all its sunny beaches to the endless number of golf courses – Florida actually has more golf courses than anywhere in the world! You can even embrace nature from the comfort of your own home, as most Florida homes feature their own swimming pool and outdoor patio, as well as large glass windows to draw nature indoors.


5. Floridian Lifestyle

There is something truly special about the Floridian lifestyle. Florida residents embrace a vibrant, warm, and paradise-like lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with its sunny weather and lush beaches. They tend to lead more relaxed lifestyles, with an emphasis on comfort and convenience. Who wouldn’t want to embrace a lifestyle of luxury?


There are so many reasons why you should consider making South Florida your permanent home. Not only will you enjoy beautiful weather and some major tax breaks, you’ll get to experience a lifestyle that’s simply unheard of elsewhere.


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