Beautiful, Yet Functional Design

Beautiful, Yet Functional Design

Beautiful, Yet Functional Design

The most luxurious, gorgeous home can still have its flaws. The layout of a home should make sense and have a practical application in your everyday life – that’s why we implement a standard of beautiful, yet functional design into all our homes.


Not only are our homes luxurious and eco-friendly, they’re also designed with your lifestyle in mind. Here are just some of the ways we incorporate functionality into our homes:


Open Floor Plan

When guests come to visit, they tend to gravitate toward the kitchen – which can end up feeling cramped, especially if your kitchen is smaller or enclosed by walls. Our homes are designed for entertaining guests, with large, open floor plans. The kitchen, dining room, and living room all flow together seamlessly, with no barriers in between. Not only does this make your home appear larger, it also allows you to easily entertain guests while cooking in the kitchen or setting the table for dinner.


Functional Spare Rooms

All our properties have several versatile rooms that can each serve their own purpose. We know that your home is your sanctuary, and these spare rooms serve as a private space for any number of functions. You could turn these rooms into a home office, at-home gym, art studio, or home theater. Because these spare rooms are so versatile, they are designed to serve whatever purpose that fits your lifestyle.


Lots of Natural Light

Our floor-to-ceiling windows aren’t just to show off the beautiful South Florida nature – they are designed to bring in the maximum amount of natural light. These large glass windows and doors brighten up the home’s interior and even make it appear larger. All that natural light also serves an eco-friendly function, as less artificial light is needed to light your home during the day.


Functional design takes a beautiful home to the next level. At Bella Homes, we are committed to building homes that are purposefully designed and fit your lifestyle. Take a look at our available homes or contact us today for more information!

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