Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Imagine you’re heading to a new friend’s home for dinner, and you just stepped through the front door for the very first time. Rather than entering a hallway that leads to the living room, the space immediately opens up into one large room – revealing the living room, dining area, and kitchen all at once.

Nearly every Bella Home features an open floor plan. No walls or barriers separate the main living spaces, allowing the kitchen, dining and living room to flow together seamlessly. Not only is an open-concept home pleasing to the eye, it also has some major benefits for the homeowner!


Stay Connected

An open floor plan will help any guest feel right at home and connected with their host. As you cook in the kitchen, it’s easy to multitask and entertain guests seated in the living room area. An open floor concept allows everyone to feel connected within a single room, with enough space to stretch out and enjoy their own area.


Natural Lighting

Without walls or barriers, natural light from the exterior windows can easily reach every corner of an open space. This brightens up the home and reduces the need for artificial light, effectively lowering the amount of energy consumption during the day. Plus, more natural light is said to benefit your mood, improve concentration, and reduce stress and anxiety!


Maximizes Space

An open concept maximizes the space of a home and even makes it appear larger. Walls can make a room feel small and cramped, but one large open space allows the home to feel much larger. Plus, without barriers between rooms, the area is maximized and you won’t lose out on any square footage.


Indoor-Outdoor Living

An open-concept home often includes sliding glass walls that can be opened to allow for complete indoor-outdoor living! This connects the interior directly to the outdoors, so your space is opened up even further as it expands into an outdoor patio, summer kitchen, or veranda. These sliding glass walls eliminate barriers and create one large area to live, relax, and entertain in.


At Bella Homes, we maximize on square footage and create a space that’s not only beautiful, but functional. Our open floor plans allow for one large, interconnected area ideal for entertainment, along with better lighting and complete indoor-outdoor living.

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