Eco Friendly Home Design

Eco Friendly Home Design


Eco-friendly homes help reduce one’s carbon footprint by utilizing green building practices and materials. Bella Homes is a part of the Florida Green Building Coalition which means that every home is certified green, helping reduce the effect on the environment. We incorporate natural materials throughout the home as well as other unique features. The most common features you will find in an eco-luxury home are: LED Lights, Advanced Climate Control Technology, Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors, Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation, Energy-Efficient Appliances, and Sustainable Building Materials.



Sustainably sourced building materials make a huge difference in how much a building’s construction affects the environment. Materials like natural stone and reclaimed wood are more eco-friendly, as they require less modification before installation and there is less energy needed to produce them. Natural materials are often of higher quality and will last longer than other materials, so green homes require fewer repairs and renovations over time.


Green homes are often equipped with appliances that draw less electricity, reducing the homeowners’ daily energy consumption significantly. Some great features you will find in Bella Homes are our eco-friendly appliances and technology. Our Smart Home Technology really plays a huge role in keeping homes energy efficient, our Control4 Smart Home system allows you to check on the status of common household tasks like lighting and the climate in the home. Our green homes also incorporate high SEER A/C units that consistently run at lower speeds, drawing less energy over time and providing efficient temperature control.


An effective way to reduce a home’s demand for energy and fuel is to implement proper insulation. Bella Homes are insulated with open-cell spray foam, a more effective form of insulation than traditional fiberglass. The open-cell foam expands and contracts with the building over time, ensuring a long-term seal and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home. We also incorporate low emissivity, or “Low-E,” windows that minimize the amount of heat that enters the home through sunlight, ideal for hotter climates where frequent air conditioning is required.


Bella Homes take energy efficiency and eco-friendliness very seriously. From our sustainable building methods to energy-efficient design, our green homes help minimize the carbon footprint of builders and homeowners alike. Our eco-luxury homes provide custom solutions for green livingLearn more about our methods here, and if you’re interested in working together to build your own eco-friendly custom home, get in touch today!