Eco-Luxury Is The Future

Eco-Luxury Is The Future

Now that 2020 is finally behind us, you may have made some New Year’s Resolutions for a fresh start in 2021. An increasingly common resolution is to reduce one’s carbon footprint, especially with the rapidly growing climate change conversation. In fact, according to Google Trends statistics, the number of environmentally friendly Google searches quadrupled in some areas last year.


With climate change at the forefront of many people’s minds, there is no doubt that eco-friendly living is the future. If you’re looking to move this year, uphold your eco-conscious New Year’s Resolution by seeking an eco-luxury home.


What is eco-luxury?

An eco-luxury home is purposefully designed to have minimal impact on the environment, without losing the splendor of a luxurious lifestyle. They are built utilizing green building practices that involve efficient use of energy resources, reduced degradation of the environment, and home design that protects occupant health.


How does an eco-luxury home help the environment?

If you live in an eco-luxury home, your carbon footprint will be reduced even without making active changes to your lifestyle. The house is specifically designed to help its homeowners minimize their impact on the environment.


One of the biggest factors that contribute to your home’s carbon footprint is how much energy it uses daily. Eco-luxury homes are often built with spray foam insulation, a form of insulation that is more effective than traditional fiberglass. Open-cell spray foam expands and contracts with the building as it shifts, ensuring a long-term seal that reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home.


Additionally, smart home systems with programmable thermostats give homeowners precise control over their energy consumption. The A/C or heat can be programmed to shut off while you’re at work, then turn back on just before you return home. Window shades can be drawn at key times of the day, effectively blocking out any added heat from sunset or sunrise. All of these features are key to reducing energy consumption on a day-to-day basis.


It’s clear that eco-luxury is the future, and Bella Homes is ahead of the curve. All our homes are equipped with smart home technology, are built with eco-friendly materials, and are certified green by the Florida Green Building Coalition.


Every year, our New Year’s Resolution is the same: to reduce our impact on the environment even more than the year before. If you’re interested in living the eco-luxury lifestyle with Bella Homes, browse our available and upcoming homes today!