Fall in Love with Bella Homes

Fall in Love with Bella Homes

They say that buying a home is like falling in love.


When searching for the perfect home, you’ll experience the ups and downs of any relationship: discovering what’s right for you, struggling with compromises, and all the while, learning a lot about yourself in the process. And when you finally find “the one,” chances are, you’ll know instantly.


We at Bella Homes are determined to give you that “love at first sight” feeling. Our homes are specifically designed to make you fall in love the instant you walk through the front door.


Unique Custom Features

No two Bella Home creations are the same, yet there is something distinct about each of our properties that sets them apart from anything else on the market. We implement stunning custom features and natural materials, like white oak glass floating staircases and organically shaped countertops made of reclaimed wooden slabs. With Bella Homes, nothing is cookie-cutter; we guarantee our homes will take your breath away with their one-of-a-kind features.


Functional Design

Our homes expertly combine beauty with functionality, so they aren’t just pretty to look at. Most of our creations feature an open layout, where the kitchen, dining room, and living room flow together as one. This maximizes your interior space and makes it easy to entertain guests while cooking in the kitchen or setting the table. Our homes also take advantage of all that Florida sunlight with huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. This invites the beauty of nature inside, brightening up the space and reducing the need for artificial light during the day. The open floor plans and large windows of our homes invoke feelings of peace and relaxation in our homeowners.


Adaptive to Your Lifestyle

When you look closely at a Bella Home, you’ll see there is even more to our creations than meets the eye. Not only are our homes visually stunning, they also include features designed to work with your lifestyle. All our properties are equipped with the latest smart home technology, providing worry-free security, energy-efficient programming, and personalized adaptive features that improve your comfort. This technology adds another layer of customization to our homes, allowing you to feel as though the house is working in harmony with you.


Finding “the one” can be a tumultuous journey, but it doesn’t have to be. With our custom features and purposeful design, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our list of upcoming and available properties.


If you’re looking for something even more personalized, don’t worry; Bella Homes is now offering custom-built homes! We can work with you to make your dream home a reality. Get in touch today!

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