How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2020, and if so, have you kept up with it so far? With growing media attention on climate change and our environment, a popular resolution for 2020 is to reduce one’s carbon footprint.


If you resolved to be eco-friendlier this year, there’s a way to keep up your resolution for much longer than one year: buying an eco-friendly home.


Conserve Energy

An eco-friendly home is one that uses energy efficiently. In order to maximize energy, your home should be specifically designed to be eco-friendly from the beginning. If a house is well-insulated, the climate of your home will be better protected from the outside elements. Your A/C won’t have to work as hard if your insulation keeps out the heat and humidity. Spray foam insulation, found in Bella Homes properties, is more efficient than traditional insulation and even improves indoor air quality.


Go Solar

The sunny Florida skies give homeowners the perfect opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Many of our homes utilize solar energy, with solar panels installed before you even move in. Other energy sources, such as fossil fuels, are not renewable and pollute the air – whereas solar energy is entirely renewable and therefore eco-friendly. If your home uses solar energy, not only are you being environmentally conscious, you’re also able to save on your electric bill every month.


Programmable Thermostat

Not only are Control 4 Panels extremely convenient and practical, they can even improve the eco-friendliness of your home. These panels have detailed options for controlling the temperature of every room in the house. You can even schedule the A/C to run less during the day if you’re out and about, allowing your home to be more energy-efficient.


If you’re interested in becoming more eco-friendly for the new year, a green home is a great place to start. Plus, with our eco-luxury homes, you don’t have to sacrifice your luxurious lifestyle for a sustainable one. Contact us or check out our available listings to get started with your New Year’s Resolution today.

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