How to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer

How to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer

How to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer

Summer is finally here, and with it comes humid air and higher temperatures. These hotter months lead to staggeringly high energy usage across the U.S., with air conditioners often running day and night to keep homeowners cool.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly this summer, here are a few ways your home can stay cool and energy-efficient all season long!

Adjust Your Windows

A huge factor in high home temperatures during summertime is sunlight. Prevent your air conditioner from working harder than it needs to by drawing your window blinds at key times of the day. There are even shades that can be programmed to automatically open and close at specific times during the day, minimizing the amount of sunlight that enters and heats the home.

There are additional eco-friendly options when it comes to the window pane itself. Low-E glass windows and doors reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through, without affecting the amount of natural light that enters the home. This glass coating keeps the hot solar heat out and holds the cool A/C air in, reducing the home’s amount of energy usage.

Use Your Thermostat and Fans Effectively

If your air conditioning unit is running full-blast day and night during the summer, your energy bill is sure to skyrocket. A programmable thermostat is the perfect way to reduce your energy consumption year-round, as it allows you to avoid excessive heating and cooling. You can set your A/C unit to keep the house warmer during the day while you’re away at work, then gradually get cooler just before you return home.

Ceiling fans are another eco-friendly way to cool yourself down, as they require very low energy to operate. However, be sure to only utilize them when the room is occupied. Fans create a wind chill effect that cools people down, but they will not actually lower the room’s temperature – so a fan spinning in an empty room is simply wasting energy.

Ensure Your Home is Properly Insulated

A perfectly programmed thermostat won’t help much if your home is not properly insulated. Your home needs to effectively hold in the cool air and keep the hot, humid air out in order to maximize energy efficiency. Any cracks or openings in your home should be properly sealed to prevent warm air from leaking into your home. Traditional fiberglass insulation is not nearly as effective as spray foam insulation, which expands and contracts as the building shifts. This maintains a long-term seal and reduces the amount of energy required to cool the home.

Beat the summer heat with an energy-efficient, eco-friendly house! At Bella Homes, we are dedicated to building homes that reduce our homeowners’ carbon footprints with progressive green building methods and advanced technology. Our mission is to reduce our impact on the environment – that’s why our homes are all certified green by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Learn more about us here – and if you’re interested in maximizing your energy efficiency with an eco-luxury home, check out our available and upcoming homes today.

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