Self-Expression in Home Design

Self-Expression in Home Design

There are so many ways to express oneself, from your hairstyle to your choice of clothing. But did you know that your home provides one of the biggest opportunities for self-expression?


At Bella Homes, we believe that home design is the truest form of self-expression. A home is so much more than a concrete foundation and wooden beams; your home should act as a sanctuary, soothing your soul the minute you step through the door after a long day at work.


Without a doubt, your home should reflect you. Here are just a few ways we ensure our homes allow you to express yourself.


Spare Rooms to Unleash Creativity

Our eco-luxury homes are designed to optimize every inch of square footage. The majority of our homes feature 4 bedrooms or more, so if you find yourself with a couple spare rooms, transform them into functional, unique spaces that reflect your personality. If you love fitness, consider a yoga studio or at-home gym. If you have a creative side, transform that spare room into an art studio, writing nook, or music room. An empty space holds endless possibilities for you to express yourself.


Unique Lighting Fixtures

A ceiling light doesn’t have to be a boring, standard shape; in fact, we select distinguished lighting fixtures that each hold a personality of their own. Industrial-style lights inspire a rustic feel, while geometric box lights and linear chandeliers suit a more contemporary style. With so many unique light fixtures available, this is the perfect way to add a little self-expression to your home.


Custom, Natural Features

Not only do we create homes unlike anything else on the market, we take great pride in implementing beautiful, custom features. If you appreciate the beauty of nature, the natural materials implemented throughout all our homes can reflect that side of your personality. We design custom kitchen islands, with organically shaped slab countertops. Our white oak glass floating staircases, which glow in the natural sunlight from our floor-to-ceiling windows, are reminiscent of the open air and calming outdoors.


Just like people, no two Bella Homes creations are the same. Find your future sanctuary with us today – get in touch or browse our available and upcoming listings here.

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