Why We Build In South Florida

Why We Build In South Florida


There are so many reasons why we choose to build in South Florida. Not only is there beautiful weather year-round, but the area offers easy access to the beach and other gorgeous bodies of water.

Bella Homes are uniquely designed to be top-of-the-line, so we ensure that the surrounding area matches our high standards. That’s why so many of our homes embody the bright, seaside atmosphere that Florida is famous for.


Our homes are designed and built with Florida’s unique climate in mind.  Florida homes require insulation that will hold in air conditioning and keep out humidity. All Bella Homes utilize spray foam insulation, an advanced form of insulation that better protects against moisture and humid air. This reduces the strain on your air conditioning unit, leading to less energy consumption year-round. The “Low-E” windows we build with minimize the amount of heat that enters the home through sunlight, which is ideal for Florida’s hot climate. We also include High SEER A/Cs, which allows the home to heat and cool with maximum energy efficiency. These units consistently run at lower speeds, which provides better temperature control throughout the home and removes twice as much moisture from the humid South Florida air.


We don’t label Bella Homes as eco-friendly because it sounds good – we take our membership in the Florida Green Building Coalition very seriously. This means that a third party inspects each of our properties, ensuring they were built to green standards and are energy efficient. Building green is at the forefront of our minds before we even break ground on a new property, so you can be sure that your new home has maximized every aspect of sustainable living.

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