Our mission is to provide clientele with the ultimate form of self expression, and to do so by leveraging materials of the highest quality, employing technology & eco-solutions that are forward looking and showcasing architecture & design that exude character and precision.
Green is Good

Our homes are built with efficiency and Mother Nature in mind, including Seer A/C, spray foam insulation, full LED lighting and solar panels.

Control Everything

Easy-to-use automation allows you to manage and control a host of features like security, heating & cooling, lights, blinds and pools/hot tubs.

Premium Quality

Clean, contemporary architecture is equally matched to well-designed interior spaces utilizing the very best materials and build quality.

Custom Builds

We work with clients to fashion their perfect vision of home–from the selection of specific materials to complex architectural integrations.

  • The rising trend is the new green home emphasizes sustainable living through innovation. These homes blend eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient tech to minimize environmental impact. A new green home is more than just a building. It is a way of living that benefits the environment,...

  • While construction is a messy process, nothing justifies the excessive waste generated by residential construction. As one of the best home builders in Florida, we at Bella Homes believe in sending the right message to the community. Our resource-efficient construction practices not only help client

  • Building a new home or buying one is an exciting time in one’s life. You can’t wait to make your interior design dreams come true. There’s no better feeling than waking up and seeing your vision of a perfect home surround you. However, as important...


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