5 Ways to Improve Solar Panel Efficiency and Output

Solar Panel Efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Solar Panel Efficiency and Output

What is solar panel efficiency, and why is it important? How can we increase it? Let’s answer these questions and learn about today’s best renewable energy solution. It’s time to spend less on electricity bills and do our part for the environment.

What is Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Efficiency is the amount of electricity the that a solar cell can convert from sunlight. Essentially it’s how much energy from the light touching the panel converts into electricity.

Solar panel efficiency is considered when deciding the wattage of a type of solar panel. Solar panel efficiency is a big thing if you have less space that gets direct sunlight. You want to ensure that you make the most of every inch. The most efficient solar panels in the market are around 20% efficient.

There is research and innovation in all industries, so soon, we’ll see higher market efficiencies. However, for now, that’s the top.

We want to increase solar panel efficiency because we want to make more with less when setting up our solar energy system. We all want our money’s worth when it comes to the system we get. If you knew that your solar panels could give you more energy with minimal investment through some simple tricks, wouldn’t you want to try them?

Here are some ways you can ensure you have an efficient solar power system.

Research Before Buying

set yourself up for success by buying the right product in the first place. Instead of bending over backwards to get the most from solar panels when there are already more efficient ones out there, get the right ones from the start.

Most solar panels on the market are medium or low efficiency, usually below 20%. Be on the lookout for solar panels that are higher efficiency.

Choose a trusted Solar Panel service that will source the best solar panels for the job.

Angle Your Panels Right.

Make the most of your solar panels by positioning them to get the most sun. You will not be able to do this alone. While you could attempt to position your solar panels the best way yourself, you will not be able to accomplish the perfection a professional solar panel solution company can.

If any tree branches are blocking your solar panels, you can have them cut away so that none of your money goes to waste. If the neighbor’s house or a nearby building supplies your solar panels with shade, an expert might be able to suspend your solar panels to the side of your home or figure something else out.

You shouldn’t be discouraged if you get very little natural light. We see a lot of cases that seem hopeless at first, but we never leave you without a viable solution.

Use Solar Appliances and Lighting

You can increase the efficiency of your solar system, but you can also make your home more energy efficient so it burdens your solar system less.

Solar power gets stored in batteries as direct current. An appliance known as an inverter converts that direct current to alternating current and powers the home.

Alternating current appliances generally need much more energy at a higher voltage.

Using DC appliances or independent solar panel-powered appliances will reduce the load on the main house’s system. Instead of illuminating your porch or driveway with expensive, energy-hogging conventional lights, you can opt to use solar LEDs powered separately with their own solar panels.

Also, you can use more energy-efficient DC-powered appliances instead of using energy-draining AC appliances in your home. Since these appliances will use less electricity, you will feel like your solar panels are more efficient.


When light hits a reflective surface, it bounces back. A reflector is any reflective surface placed at an angle to the solar panel to increase the light the solar cell absorbs. This solution has been known to increase a system’s solar cell efficiency. However, this isn’t a commonly recommended solution. There are several reasons behind that.

That is because using a reflector raises the temperature of the solar cells and provides them with more light than they were designed to work with. Both things can make the longevity of solar cells less predictable.

Some solar companies prohibit using reflectors if you desire to keep them in warranty. This may be an option if you get less intense sunlight or after the panels’ expired warranty.

You can use mirrors, metal trays, or even tin foil wrapped around a Styrofoam sheet to reflect and condense sunlight to the solar cells.

You could also hurt yourself working around on your roof, trying to attach reflectors at odd angles. You also have to be careful not to block the other solar panels by adding a reflector to one.

Clean your Solar Panels

When your solar panels are coated with dust from the environment, that dramatically lowers their efficiency.

Studies have found that dust on your solar panel can reduce their power output by 17% or even 19% percent. That is almost one-fifth of the energy they generate. That is too big a number to ignore.

When you have professionals like Bella Solar install your solar panels, you get information on the appropriate cleaning methods and schedule for your location.

Every location has different environmental pollutants and dust issues. Knowing how to clean your solar panels ensures they do not get damaged in the cleaning process.


The amount of energy solar panels convert into electricity from sunlight is their efficiency. Efficiency matters the most when your space is limited. The highest efficiency on the market is around 20%.

You can rely on a professional solar panel installation service to ensure that you get the most out of your solar power system. At the end of the day, we all want to get our money’s worth. While you could try to install them on your own, you need expertise and experience