Home Builders in Florida – Reduce, Reuse and Rebuild with Bella Homes

Reduce, reuse, rebuild

Home Builders in Florida – Reduce, Reuse and Rebuild with Bella Homes

While construction is a messy process, nothing justifies the excessive waste generated by residential construction. As one of the best home builders in Florida, we at Bella Homes believe in sending the right message to the community. Our resource-efficient construction practices not only help clients save money but also ensures enhanced energy performance in the long run. After all, never has a wasteful and cluttered job site left a good impression on the clients.

Waste Generation from Construction

According to the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association, 325 million tons of waste is produced in the United States every year. The figures only represent waste generation from demolition and construction; however, residential construction does not have to unleash so much harm to the environment.

By reducing, reusing, and rebuilding, we ensure that each available resource is utilized effectively. From an eco-friendly bathroom to an eco-friendly laundry room, we believe in building homes that enhance yours and the community’s comfort.

Reduce, Reuse and Rebuild With Bella Homes

While most of us are aware of what the three “Rs” entail, not many know the basics of minimizing construction waste. At Bella Homes, we take material specification decisions to affect the waste stream positively. We use materials with low embodied energy and the smallest environmental impact to build homes.

Most home builders in Florida hardly pay any heed to the construction material they use. We, on the other hand, have the strongest tool at our disposal: the ability to reuse existing materials, reduce waste and rebuild homes.


Reusing resources is one of the most efficient ways to reduce waste while constructing a home. Using or repurposing existing space can be a wonderful alternative to even recycling which requires a lot of energy input.

By applying the same principles, we ensure that there is no need for onsite demolition or foundation work which leads to a lot of material going to the landfill; however, there could be cases where an existing structure cannot be renovated or repurposed. It’s still possible to reuse nonhazardous material from the same structure elsewhere.

What If Demolition Is Inevitable

In such cases, diverting the waste stream is extremely important. This is because demolition waste is much greater in volume than construction waste. Unfortunately, many home builders in Florida fail to take it into account.

Our contractors at Bella Homes specialize in deconstructing homes and buildings. Their expertise allows them to separate assemblies and materials into recoverable items for reuse or recycling. We also believe in preventing a labor-intensive deconstruction process that ends up costing clients an arm and a leg.


When reusing something is impossible, it’s important to place priority on reducing the use of hazardous practices. This also applies to the size of the building. The smaller it is, the least resources are used. This is where our years of experience come in handy.

When we remove a square foot in the predesign phase, we ensure that there are significant savings in material. This means our clients will not need to purchase additional material, and the suppliers won’t have to transport it to the construction site.

This also means that our contractor won’t have to deal with the residual waste stream. It goes without saying that the best home builders in Florida are focused on reducing construction waste and making homes functional and efficient.


Recycling is a crucial phase where we believe in exercising maximum control. Here, we identify which materials have high amounts of embodied energy and which don’t. We then invest our resources in getting recycled content over new content.

From countertops to insulation, everything can easily be sourced with recycled content. Whether you desire an eco-friendly bathroom or bedroom, we build your home by specifying local materials so the overall waste is reduced. What starts with recycling often ends in minimized fuel consumption and transportation, reducing your overall costs.

We also focus on other aspects of construction that go beyond basic material selection. We invest our expertise in creating waste management plans too. This way, we’re able to stockpile materials for reuse, recycle packing materials, divert waste streams and reduce the volume of trash.

As responsible home builders in Florida, we also develop an approach to handling materials on the site where waste generation occurs. We also use various sources of information to better understand waste management specifications.

Doesn’t it make environmental sense to do something that serves the global community right?

Home Builders in Florida – Taking Collective Responsibility

Construction sites have long been a hub of waste generation; however, it has little to do with construction and more to do with the mindsets that see it in a normal light. At Bella Homes, we don’t hesitate to add some educational components while building any structure.

We foster an approach where every involved party understands that we must adapt to new ways of working. At the end of the day, it is our clients that benefit from our efficient planning and environmentally friendly approaches to construction. The less wasteful you are, the more money you save.

It all starts with the intention of building an eco-friendly home. A home that boasts eco-friendliness in every corner, from the bathroom to the eco-friendly laundry room, is a home we promise to make you.

However, the process of education starts with a commitment on everyone’s part. From clients to contractors, everyone should be invested in making this shift possible.

How Can Bella Homes Help You Build Your Dream Home?

As full-service builders, we offer eco-luxury services for residential sales and rental communities. We have custom-built a number of homes over the years and also impacted the lives of many in the course of our services. We understand how important it is for our goals to align with yours. Hence, as quality home builders in Florida, we take each and every step of building your home seriously.

We also understand that the only way to use technology responsibly is by minimizing our own impact on the earth. So, are you ready to have your very own eco-friendly home? Contact us now for more information.