Protecting Your Home with Technology

Protecting Your Home with Technology

Protecting Your Home with Technology

Imagine – you’re out to dinner with a few friends on a Friday night. As you’re having a great time enjoying their company, you suddenly recall leaving the house in a rush and ask yourself: Did I remember to lock the front door?


There are three ways this scenario could play out. One: you spend the rest of dinner feeling distracted and worrying your home has been left unguarded. Two: your unease takes over and you leave dinner early to check on your home.


If you live in a Bella Homes property, the third scenario is a simple one. You pull out your phone and arm the security system with the touch of a button, then return to dinner with your full attention and mind at ease.


At Bella Homes, we implement the latest technology into all our properties. We do this not only to make your life easier, but also to keep you and your family safe. Even if you live in a safe community, there is something to be said about having peace of mind – and unfortunate circumstances can happen anywhere, at any time.


Our security systems can be controlled by the Control4 Smart Home system. This is a popular form of hassle-free automation that controls multiple aspects of your home, from interior and exterior lights to detailed climate regulation. The Control4 system offers a touch panel in a sleek design that can be mounted to any wall, as well as a mobile app integration. This allows you to arm or disarm your security system at any time or place – whether you are out to dinner with friends or in the comfort of your own bed.


Locking your doors can keep your property safe when you’re away from home, but the structural quality of your home itself is arguably even more important. If your windows are poorly designed or of low-quality material, an intruder would easily kick their way inside. Bella Homes uses top-of-the-line materials when constructing our properties, and we ensure that the architectural structure of each home is soundly designed, even before construction begins. You can rest easy knowing that your home was built to keep you safe.


The next time you’re out to dinner, ensure peace of mind with Bella Homes. Designed with the latest technology, quality materials, unique designs – and smart home systems – you’ll never have to worry if you’ve locked the doors.


Browse our available listings here, or become inspired by our recently sold properties. If you’re interested in living a carefree life in your very own Bella Home, contact us today at (561) 510-6000.

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