What Is Eco-Luxury?

What Is Exco-Luxury?

What Is Eco-Luxury?

It can be difficult to find the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. Being conscious of one’s impact on the environment is becoming more common in today’s world, with factors like climate change at the forefront of many people’s minds.


With that said, it may seem like you must sacrifice luxury and comfort in order to stay eco-friendly. However, Bella Homes has constructed properties that allow you to experience both. This is: eco-luxury.


What is Eco-Luxury?


An eco-luxury home is designed to have minimal impact on the environment, while maintaining that same splendor of a luxurious lifestyle. “Luxury” doesn’t only mean extravagant, as it also refers to high quality, authentic materials. These are natural materials, such as rich wood or quarried stones, that are taken directly from the environment with minimal modification. The result is a space that exudes luxury from the inside out.


Eco-Luxury and Bella Homes


Bella Homes are built with the environment in mind, minimizing our carbon footprint throughout construction and creating homes designed to be eco-friendly in the long term.


As a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, we build homes with minimal impact on the world around us. We incorporate green features into all our properties in order to maximize efficiency, such as rooftop solar panels, full LED lighting, spray foam insulation, and more.


In addition to our green features, we also take great care in designing and building homes that exude luxury. Our homes are made with materials of the highest quality, so they are built to last. With Bella Homes, you don’t need to sacrifice a beautiful home for an eco-friendly one.


In a world of carbon emissions and excessive waste, you may be looking for a home that won’t add to the problem. Learn more about how Bella Homes can provide you with a home that is both environmentally friendly and luxurious, or get in touch with us today to see how we can benefit Mother Nature together.