Where Functionality Meets Beauty

Where Functionality Meets Beauty

Where Functionality Meets Beauty

Your home should look and feel beautiful, from the inside out, because it is a form of self-expression – a space that reflects your lifestyle. While beauty is key in sunny places like South Florida, Bella Homes strives for design that’s both gorgeous and functional.


The space in which you spend most of your time should not only look beautiful, but also serve a purpose. Here are some of the reasons why our homes always set the standard for aesthetics and functionality.


Open Floor Plan

Many of our recently sold homes feature an open floor plan, which blends aesthetic with functionality. If your kitchen, dining room, and living room flow together without separation, your interior space will be maximized and appear larger. An open floor plan is a breath of fresh air as opposed to cramped hallways and dividing walls; it also makes it easy to entertain guests while cooking in the kitchen or setting the dining table.


Large Windows & Glass Doors

South Florida is famous for its vibrant, seaside locale, so large windows are an ideal feature in all our homes. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite that beautiful nature and sunlight into your home, so each room is filled with gorgeous natural light. Not only does this brighten up your space, it also replaces the need for artificial light during the daytime.


Neutral Colors

Color is an integral part of interior design and is one of the easiest ways to transform your space. Certain colors evoke different emotions: blue is calming, red can cause excitement, and green often feels refreshing. Neutral tones are ideal for interior design. Colors such as cream, muted brown, and pale blue can serve two purposes in your home: your space will appear sophisticated and beautiful, and you and your guests will feel a sense of calm from those neutral tones.


Are you searching for a space that’s not only beautiful, but also functional? Bella Homes offers eco-luxury homes in South Florida, allowing your home to fit your lifestyle and maximize your space. Check out our available homes here or get in touch with us today for more information!