Why Choose Bella Homes

Why Choose Bella Homes

Why Choose Bella Homes

Bella Homes are meant to be experienced. Between spacious layouts, high-efficiency technology, functional yet luxurious design, and high-quality materials, each home is built with you in mind.


Our Goal

At Bella Homes, our mission is to build custom homes with your lifestyle in mind. We work to ensure the home buying process is easy for our clients and go above and beyond to create a customized and unique look that speaks to them—both inside and out.


Attention to the Details

At Bella Homes, we build spaces to align with the needs and lifestyle of our clients. We draw inspiration from their lives as well as from the world around us. By working with local companies and custom products, we provide our clients with quality, top-of-the-line materials that they can trust.


Efficiency Where it Matters

Technology has become an essential part of our lives, so why not integrate it into your home? We offer hassle-free automation, like the Control4 Smart Home system, that performs common household tasks at the touch of a button.


As a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, we take sustainability and efficiency very seriously. Bella Homes are built to benefit Mother Nature and provide you with maximum efficiency with high Seer A/C, LED lighting and solar panels. We can work with you to create custom solutions to maximize every aspect of green living.


The Bella Homes Way

Every house is distinctly different. But one thing every Bella Homes development has is the care and attention that’s needed to create a home that aligns with your lifestyle.


Bella Homes is a top home builder in South Florida, and we’re ready to build your dream house! Contact Bella Homes now at (561) 510-6000 to begin your journey.