The Bella Homes Lifestyle

The Bella Homes Lifestyle

When you look through our portfolio of properties, you’ll quickly realize there is something special about every Bella Homes creation. From the quality of our high-end materials to the overall design and layout, our homes outshine the rest in a unique way. You can look at any one of our properties and immediately recognize, “That’s a Bella Home.”


Bella Homes are not just buildings to be lived in. They embody a way of life. Our values of preserving Mother Nature, using technology the right way, and functional South Florida design are instilled into the creation of every home.


This is what we call the Bella Homes’ lifestyle.


Eco-Luxury Living

The eco-friendly nature of our homes will inspire you to reduce your impact on the environment. With Bella Homes, it’s possible to both minimize your carbon footprint and live in a luxurious space. Our homes are built with spray foam insulation to keep the humid South Florida air out and the cool, high-seer A/C air in. This maximizes the energy efficiency of your home, letting you breathe easier about your impact on the environment.


Smart Technology

We implement the latest technology into all our homes, designed to make your busy lifestyle a little easier. The Control4 system allows you to easily control the temperature, lights, security, and more from your mobile phone. This means you can program the A/C to turn off when you’re away, lock the front door, and shut down any lights all with the touch of a button, ensuring a more carefree lifestyle.


Calm Design

Every Bella Home is designed to make your life easier. Most of our properties are one floor, with no need to walk up or down staircases. We create open floor plans where the kitchen, dining, and living room flow together seamlessly, allowing you to easily move from one space to the next. Our homes draw in the maximum amount of natural light, allowing the sun to light your home and create a relaxing atmosphere.


Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from our satisfied clients, like the owner of 300 NW 22nd St. “Living in a Bella Home actually makes your life calmer,” says Judith Kelly. “You just walk in and you know you’re going to be relaxed.”


We are dedicated to creating homes that make your life easier. Get in touch to learn more about what we do, or discover your future home from our list of upcoming properties today.

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