Your Home is Your Sanctuary

Your Home is Your Sanctuary

Now more than ever, a home is our sanctuary. The pandemic has reshaped our way of life, with many of us working from home and sheltering indoors for months on end. There is no way around it: we all need to adjust to this “new normal”, and it’s likely our attitudes toward public spaces, sanitization, and home life will forever be altered.


This new way of living has made many realize what they value in a home, from its amenities to its layout and functionality. How we view our living space has shifted, and it’s likely there will be new trends in what people desire in a home.


Here are some features that you may begin to prioritize in a home:


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Outdoor Space & Natural Light

With so much time spent indoors, it’s easy to feel suffocated and cut off from the rest of the world. Having an outdoor patio or backyard area provides an escape, allowing you to breathe in the open air and take in the vibrant sunlight. You may also find that an enclosed outdoor area is preferred, with fencing or nature to provide privacy from neighbors.


While outdoor space may not be an option in every location, floor-to-ceiling windows and large sliding glass doors invite the outdoors in. This brings natural light into your home, helping it feel less cramped and dark.


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Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are often desired for entertaining purposes; if you have guests over for dinner, you can still interact with them while stirring a pot on the stove or setting the dining table. Now, open floor plans may have a more important key purpose: they help your home feel larger. A wide-open living space allows you to enjoy the same area as other family members, while still having enough room to breathe. And with many of us cooking at home more than usual, there is more value in a spacious kitchen with quality appliances.


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Functional Privacy

There is beauty in functionality, and homeowners may now recognize the importance of having spare rooms that serve their own purpose. When working from home, there is value in keeping work separate from your personal life – and a home office is the perfect solution. Another function of a spare room could be an at-home gym or yoga studio, allowing you to exercise in the privacy of your own home. A spare room also creates a space for creativity or entertainment, such as an art studio or in-home theater.


Even as society begins to return to “normal”, it’s likely we will always have lingering worries about crowded areas and public spaces. Loving your home is more important than ever – that’s why you should discover what features and amenities you value.


Become inspired by browsing our available homes or recently sold properties, or learn more about why eco-luxury homes are the future. We at Bella Homes have always aligned our goals with yours – because we want our homeowners to love every square inch of their home. Find your sanctuary with us today.

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